A Review of German Grammar by Bruce Duncan

Ideal User: Any student who needs more or better information than what they’re getting from other sources

Why Use It: The material is clear, thorough and masterfully conveyed. The interactive, links-filled format is user-friendly.

User Tips: Reference it from time to time. Or, make it required supplemental reading each time you come across a different grammatical concept while using an app or textbook.

Cost: Free

No matter what’s stumping you when it comes to German grammar, a lucid and comprehensive explanation is just a click away — thanks to an online primer that Dr. Bruce Duncan developed for the Department of German Studies at Dartmouth College.

Duncan taught at Dartmouth for 46 years until his retirement, in 2015. A Review of German Grammar reflects this experience in ways that made me wish it had been around when I began learning German. …

The mainstream media’s coverage of the arts is not nearly as robust as it once was. Many artists and arts administrators know that, of course, but it still bears repeating for anyone clinging to the belief that a basic news release alone will generate much in the way of coverage.

Even in daily or weekly newspapers, where most arts stories have traditionally been concentrated, it is becoming increasingly difficult for an artist or arts group to secure any coverage beyond a calendar listing or a brief. The flashy Sunday preview is still around, at least at some papers, but competition for it is intense.

The reason for this arts-unfriendly state of affairs is hardly mysterious. Drastic cutbacks in staff have left newspapers with skeletal staffs that are often ill-equipped to cover anything well, much less the arts. …

Kenneth W. Keuffel Jr.

Ghostwriter of arts-related memoirs, more; see https://www.linkedin.com/in/kkeuffel/. Editor. German teacher. Single wing enthusiast.

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